Balke Counseling And Consulting LLC provides trained counselors that meet with individuals, couples, or families and helps them talk about issues they are facing in life. We aim to help people understand and overcome their problems through methods such as talk therapy. Our services create a personalized and confidential environment to make clients feel safe.

  • Helps clients find ways to deal with emotional distress.
  • Career counseling to provide guidance throughout a person’s career.
  • Talk therapy helps our clients navigate difficult life situations.
  • Focused approach to assist clients in improving mental health.
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About Me

Ben Balke, Owner and Counselor

I love working with clients and aiding them on their path to happiness. Happiness occurs when a person is living a rich and fulfilling life that is theirs. Topics that I commonly explore in efforts to reach that level of happiness are investigating values, looking at unhelpful thought patterns and strategies to aid in confronting those thoughts, evaluating behavior patterns, strengthening communication skills, and helping clients see their strengths and celebrate their victories.